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After five decades of friendship and an awful lot of chilly sea swims, a new creative venture is born...



Once upon a time,  way, way back in the days of three tv channels and bell bottoms, there were two little girls who, when they weren't busy creating seaweed hairdressing salons in the rock pools of their favourite beach, or building spectacular space hopper obstacle courses, loved nothing more than making things.  One loved to draw, the other to sew and as they grew up and life took them on separate paths and careers, their friendship never waned, and nor did their love of creativity.  Pip Luscombe built a large following for her rag dolls, bags and varied sewing projects, while Sally Williams sold many of her whimsical style pictures and cards to raise funds for animal charities, as well as commercially, displaying her work in various Devon locations and online.

Over the years, the idea of one day joining forces on a venture to feature both Sally's art and Pip's sewing cropped up more and more often in conversation, (usually during bracing  sea swims on chilly days, as it helped take the edge off the cold), and  The Artful Bobbin online shop is result of finally deciding to 'do it', rather than 'talk about it'...  

Launched in November 2020, it is still early days for The Artful Bobbin, but the response, both to the online shop and our market stalls in the South Hams area,  has been truly wonderful and Pip and Sally would like to thank everyone who has browsed the shelves, offered encouragement and ideas and, of course, bought little gifts and cards for themselves or for loved ones. However you have supported us in this new venture, we so appreciate it - thank you!  

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We are busy creating new, unique items to go on The Artful Bobbin shelves all the time, so hope you will visit us often - you could find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.  If you fancy saying 'hello' or have any questions or requests, we'd love to hear from you!

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