• Balloon Kitty Ceiling Mobile is here. The mobile comprises of 4 cute cats, one white, one sort of gingery, one tabby and a lucky black cat with green eyes. The cats stand approximately 7” tall. They are all holding balloons.    Pip was inspired by Sally’s drawings of the two ‘Balloon Kitty’s’, one of which is an ACEO and the other a greeting card. They can be purchased separately. The cats are hand sewn and are dressed in their very own made to measure outfits. There is a central loop to hang the mobile from the ceiling.  Each cat is attached to a length of satin ribbon which can be wound around the main hoop to shorten or length.    Although these cats are part of a mobile, all the clothes are removable. I should point out that the ceiling mobile is not a toy and is designed to be hung from the ceiling and not directly above a cot.

    Balloon Kitty Ceiling Mobile

    SKU: PLCM4