Sally's Sketch Page

The little sketches and paintings on this page are unmounted and are simply a mixture of early drafts for possible cards, small doodles that 'grew', pictures rediscovered from the archives,  new ones drawn just for the page, and some with slight flaws (it might be slightly buckled paper or a little ink mark, etc - though these will be highlighted in the description.   They'd love to go to good homes for scrapbooking, turning into a handmade card or tag, popping into a mount or whatever you wish (Sally retains copyright for using the actual image for any future printed material, so you may see it, or a future version, turn up as a printed card one day, but you own the actual physical original).  All pictures priced between £3 and £20 incl postage - if you would like one mounted, please get in touch although the price would increase from between £5 to £10 to cover materials, time and the extra postage for a larger item.  New sketches added every week!